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Why Vision Boards Work + How to Make Your Own

Why Vision Boards Work + How to Make Your Own

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘seeing is believing’ but in the general busy-ness of life it can be hard to keep our mind’s eye focused on our goals and dreams. This is why a vision board can be so helpful!

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What exactly is a vision board?

If you haven’t yet tried making a vision board of your own, you may be wondering what exactly is involved? Although it can take different forms, essentially a vision board is a visual collage that helps you to firstly identify and then regularly focus on what you most want to achieve.

You can use it as a powerful tool to help make your lifestyle, business, creative project or any other goals a reality. By bringing together a collection of pictures, drawings, photographs and quotes that visually express your aspirations for the future, your board becomes a focus for the positive things you want to manifest.

Your board can also embrace aspects of your life that already exist, and that you want to maintain or enhance. What you put on your board is entirely up to you, and you can be as ambitious and as daring as you wish.


The very act of creating your vision board can reignite your enthusiasm for a project or a long-held dream, it can help you clarify your values and work out what’s most important to you. It also acts as a powerful daily reminder and motivator of what it is you aspire to achieve, not only in business but in your personal life too - including holidays and time out!

They're proven to work:

If you’re inclined to dismiss the idea of a vision board as new-age nonsense or think that it will never work for you, then think again! Elite athletes have been visualising their success to improve their performance for decades. Big name sports stars such as Tiger Woods, Mohammed Ali and Michael Phelps among numerous others, have all acknowledged the role of visualisation in achieving their amazing results. Wildly successful Oprah Winfrey is a big fan of vision boards, as are Katy Perry {who allegedly created her first vision board at age 9} and Beyonce.

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There's science behind vision boards:

From a scientific perspective, it’s literally impossible for us to notice each of the individual visual stimuli that surround us at any moment. That would lead to complete overwhelm! Instead, for sanity’s sake, our eyes are drawn to familiar patterns. We seek out what we know and expect. So, by focusing on what’s meaningful to you, and reinforcing by regular peeps at your vision board, you’ll subconsciously prime yourself to see more of what you want materialise in your life. You’ll also become more attuned to opportunities that will help you achieve the goals you’ve visualised, and this exactly why vision boards work so well!

Here’s how to create your very own inspirational vision board:

  1. Firstly, select a board base. You might like to work on paper or cardboard, on a magnetic board, a cork base or use an online option like Pinterest. Just choose what works best for you.

  2. Search for pictures, mementos and quotations that inspire and engage you. Scroll through your photographs (or take some new ones), go through that stack of old magazines or search online to find images that represent what you want to create in your life.

  3. Vision boards are most powerful when you see them often, so display your board where you’ll be regularly reminded of your goals and desires.

Creating a vision board is easy and fun to do, but to get the most from the process you must give it your full attention. Take your time. Be authentic. Allow yourself to listen to your heart, and discover what you truly want.

Dig deeply to discover your unique version of happiness and tune out unhelpful societal ideals and cultural expectations telling you what you should want. Be open to what success means for you. Think about what inspires you, and what images resonate deeply with you.

Start with a small ritual that gets you in the right frame of mind. You could light a candle, meditate or take some time out in nature to reconnect with the inner you.

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Remember that your vision board is not set in stone:

What you want in life, your desires and dreams, will develop and may even change completely over time. That’s natural, and a truly effective vision board will keep pace. Ideally, you should treat your vision board as an on-going project and modify it, or start a new one, whenever you need.

After all, creating a life you love is a journey not a destination.


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