Dream Believe Create is an online magazine for women entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers. It’s for women who want to start sustainable, mission-driven businesses or creative practices without sacrificing their principles and avoiding the profit-at-any-cost / business-as-usual model that we’re all so tired of.

Welcome to Issue 02

Welcome to Issue 02

Welcome to Issue 02 of Dream Believe Create Magazine. Already!

This past month has flown by for me, and it’s been filled with magazine-induced adventures. In the name of research and the pursuit of ideas, I’ve participated in deeply thoughtful and heart-warming conversations, interviewed inspiring women entrepreneurs and read countless wise words that have expanded my thinking and consciousness.

It’s no surprise then that this issue is on the eclectic side. Thing is, I’ve been wondering, is it too eclectic? Is there too much ground covered? Should it be more focused? Then I thought, well maybe, but you know what, that’s ok.

I also spent a couple of hours this morning beating myself up about how imperfect my writing is, and wondering if I should re-schedule and start over. Then I remembered something that one of this month’s interviewees, Stephanie La Torre, said about the work we do {and by ‘we’ I mean all of us}. It goes something like this: If it's 80% perfect, it can go out in the world because we will never get to 100%. So, just put your work out there.

So here it is, and imperfect though it may be, I hope you’ll find something that speaks to you, that helps you on your entrepreneurial or creative journey, and that inspires you to follow your dreams. That, after all is what this magazine is all about.

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Here’s a quick peek at what’s in store this month:

Interviews with Valerie Khoo, Multi-passionate CEO and award-winning artist; Sandiswa Qayi, a dedicated tech entrepreneur who’s solving problems for people and the planet; Christine Boucher, a health professional bringing wellness to the business-world, and Stephanie La Torre, the WordPress whiz sharing tips on building websites for today.

We’ve got thought-provoking articles from Vicki O’Connor {Change the world by starting with you} and Cynthia Mahoney {Is it time to stop saying sorry?}.

We’ve also got some tips and advice for entrepreneurs, and this month’s book review {it’s fiction this time}.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out our second issue.

If you’d like to share any feedback, or get in touch, please send your email to me at hello@dreambelievecreate.net.

I would love to hear from you.

Yours truly,

Kathryn x

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