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The  Soloh  Story {Combining Intimate Objects + Ethics}

The Soloh Story {Combining Intimate Objects + Ethics}

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Did you know that many of the intimate objects available for sale in Australia are made by the same companies that manufacture child sex dolls? No? I didn’t either. But it turns out that in some parts of the world, the manufacturing of child sex dolls is still legal, and many of these same manufacturers also make other products such as vibrators and dildos which are then purchased by unsuspecting customers across the globe.

This sobering fact is one of the compelling reasons for the creation of Soloh, an online intimate objects boutique. The company was originally founded by Jordan Nitsche and re- launched in November this year with the help of her new business partner and long-time friend, Maddison Taylor. Since then, the Perth-based duo has made it their mission to both inform consumers about the current state of the industry, and to offer them an alternative.

“Soloh is whole-heartedly committed to producing intimate objects that in no way fund or profit from the exploitation of women and children around the world. Because we believe that one person’s pleasure or profit, should never be at the expense of another human’s dignity or value.”

This is why all aspects of their supply chain – from the manufacturers they employ to the warehouses they lease - have been painstakingly scrutinised for any links to exploitative practices, or working relationships with other businesses that profit from these activities.

The start-up was also driven by the realisation that the intimate object industry is still overwhelmingly dictated by the desires and perceptions of men. Fed-up with advertising and attitudes that denigrate and objectify women, Maddison and Jordan set out to change the status-quo. This means they take a hard stance against the objectification or exploitation of any individual, and focus first and foremost on women’s pleasure instead.

They aim to bring exploration and excitement back into bedrooms through providing high quality, luxury products, while abiding by a globally-focused ethical commitment.

Maddison and Jordan also take educating their consumers very seriously, and when you visit their website you’ll find helpful articles on topics such as what to consider when buying an intimate object and how to introduce an intimate object into your relationship.

Most of all, they want the enjoyment of sex to be freed from old-fashioned taboos and stereotypes, and for women to embrace their sexuality as a pleasurable and normal aspect of their lives.

“We aim to construct an environment from which sexual positivity, validation and confidence radiates so that women all over Australia can explore and view their bodies with appreciation and excitement.”

Right now, Soloh is dedicated to serving the Australian market, but future plans include extending their customer base globally. No matter how far they go or whatever size they grow to, Maddison and Jordan are adamant that Soloh products will always be luxurious but affordable, and that their company will never make assumptions about their customers, their lifestyle or their sexual orientation.

Maddison and Jordan are proud to have launched a company in the intimate object industry that is owned by women, run by women and all for women.

Grace Costa: Photographer, Business Owner and TEDx Speaker

Grace Costa: Photographer, Business Owner and TEDx Speaker

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