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When Women Empower Themselves, Magical Things Happen!

When Women Empower Themselves, Magical Things Happen!

By Vicki O’Connor

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When women empower themselves, magical things happen from within. When empowered women unite, powerful things happen universally. When you combine both, radical change happens for all.

Perhaps you too feel the calling for women everywhere, to step up and reclaim their power. You know that somewhere within you is a very powerful, intuitive, creative and life-giving woman. You instinctively know that women, now more than ever, have to create and facilitate the change so desperately needed in the world.

You know that you are not wrong just because you were born female. You know that you have an immense depth of wisdom and are feeling the call to share it with the world. You can see that the suppression of all things feminine for so long has done no one any good. Men are suffering from the suppression of their own feminine side just as much – if not more so than women – as is shown by them not really knowing how or where they fit in or what their roles are anymore.

Somewhere inside – deep down – there is a rumbling of the Goddess energy bursting to get out. She has been silenced for too long and now cries out to be heard. She not only cries to be heard for your own sake but for the greater good of humanity. You can see the craziness going on and know you have the inner wisdom to facilitate the changes needed.

For every woman that raises her own vibration and honours her own inner power, a ripple effect will be created and felt by other women causing a groundswell of empowered, unstoppable women who deserve and demand to be heard.

Simply by honouring and valuing yourself; putting yourself first without guilt and allowing your unique light to shine, you are serving all women. By being an Unapologetically Awesome Woman and standing shoulder to shoulder in sisterhood, you are serving humanity.

By being responsible for the quality of the energy you put out into the world, you are contributing to the rise of the feminine, so badly needed now.

I see you, and I honour you, my sister.

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This article was contributed by Vicki O’Connor.

Vicki is the founder of Seven Ladies Empowerment and is on a mission to help women realise their worth; to honour and love themselves; feel seen and heard; feel supported by the sisterhood and bring about the change this world needs - one woman at a time through events and workshops.

Click here for contact details and to find out more about Vicki’s work.

Overcome Self-Doubt and Succeed!

Overcome Self-Doubt and Succeed!

Welcome to Issue 03!

Welcome to Issue 03!