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A Day in the Life of Angela Mitchell {Founder + Lifestyle Therapist}

A Day in the Life of Angela Mitchell {Founder + Lifestyle Therapist}

Angela Mitchell is a complementary health professional and the founder of Top Note Therapies, with a love of all things handmade.

Her article in this month’s issue is a great read, with tips on how to manage stress, naturally.

She’s also the subject of this article, our very first “A Day in the Life of” series where we’ll be asking everyday women entrepreneurs to share their routines. We wanted more insight into how our community of business women and creatives shape their days. How do they blend starting and running a business with everything else that goes on in their daily lives?

We’ll be sharing these stories from time to time in coming issues, and would love to hear from you if you’re interested in participating in this project too. We all approach starting a business or creative practices differently, and I hope that hearing how others are crafting their unique entrepreneurial journey will give us all more freedom to experiment with, and enjoy, our own.

 This is Angela’s story:

As a four year old I was given a bottle of bubble bath. It was bright orange in colour, and it fascinated me - the smell, how it looked when you held it to the light. My grandmother had lots of bubble bath, and when she wasn't looking, or so I thought, I would mix all the bubble bath together to make up my own blends. The results weren't always good! As an adult I still carried a notion to make my own blends, and was greatly interested in complementary health.

By then I had studied to become a registered general nurse, and was working in an eye ward. Yet, I wasn't entirely happy and was always looking for that elusive complementary health job. That’s when I decided I needed to go back to study. I chose clinical aromatherapy and graduated from the Ross Clinic in Glasgow. Since then I haven't looked back.

Further studies with The School of Natural Health Sciences resulted in me becoming qualified in Indian head massage too. I have used this in many forms, including at events such as ladies nights, PTA nights, pamper parties. It has opened so many doors for me.

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I’m also qualified in life coaching with The School of Natural Health Sciences which really helps when dealing with clients. It brings a different dimension to client history-taking, and makes the whole consolation more dynamic.

Top Note Therapies is going from strength to strength. I currently work with the elderly and autistic providing massages, as well as having private clients who wish to either relax or to have current clinical issues dealt with. Top Note Therapies is now in its 9th year, and I am happy to say it has never been busier.

As well as this I have always had a deep interest and love for all things arts and crafts related. I continue to make handmade gifts such as cards, jute bags, soaps and collage pictures. This is what really helps me to relax, as you’re able to switch off and focus on the project in hand. Unless you happen to be stressing over a design!

I am a married mother of 14-years-old twin girls, who have happily inherited my arty interests. The feeling of joy when I see their creative in side is wonderful. I think being creative is therapeutic in itself.

Here is a typical working day for me:

Generally, the first thing I do in the morning is drink my columbian roast coffee! I sip this while catching up on the day’s news online, whether media or art based news. I also follow quite a lot of artists online so it’s nice and relaxing to see their work at the start of the day.

I shower using my lemon or citrus based shower gel, and I have been known to use Jo Malone or Molton Brown ranges too. This refreshes me, ready for the day ahead.

Incorporating more exercise in my day is an ongoing theme! I love the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs. Easy to follow for my two left feet!

A typical workday involves reading emails, making appointments, going to clients, sometimes in the evening too, so I must ensure I take regular mini breaks. I’ve realized that even just five minutes away from the PC is enough to recharge the batteries.

I think the main thing I would like to have more of, is time to prepare for my next day, as I’m usually too busy concentrating on the present day’s work and sometimes it’s good to look ahead!

Switching off at the end of the work day is usually easy for me to do. I really like to relax and make the most of my downtime. I am a good sleeper, and sometimes use Bach flower remedies or essential oils to wind down. My favourite essential oils are lemongrass, rose and lime.


You can find out more, or get in touch with Angela at https://www.topnotetherapies.co.uk/



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