Dream Believe Create is an online magazine for women entrepreneurs, creatives and change-makers. It’s for women who want to start sustainable, mission-driven businesses or creative practices without sacrificing their principles and avoiding the profit-at-any-cost / business-as-usual model that we’re all so tired of.

Welcome to Issue 01

Welcome to Issue 01

Six months ago I started thinking about how to better serve this amazing community of women entrepreneurs – the women who are planning, starting and running businesses or developing their creative and artistic practices. The women intent on far more than making a quick buck, who care about the impact they have in the world, and who understand that they can be a force for positive change.

Dream.Believe.Create is focused, and always has been, on supporting women entrepreneurs to start sustainable, mission-driven businesses and creative practices without sacrificing their principles and avoiding the profit-at-any-cost model that is so often accepted as the norm.

I truly believe it doesn’t have to be this way, and the alternative is to build a business that makes a difference. A business where profit is a {wonderful + well-deserved} outcome rather than the sole reason for existing.

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That’s why I’ve launched this online magazine. A magazine that is 100% inspired by and created for the women entrepreneurs who are out there taking risks, working hard and giving their everything to follow their dreams.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to scale up and go global, to help others or a cause, to transform your industry or to fly solo doing what you love. If you want to create a business or creative project that lives by its values, that is driven by a sense of purpose and you have a vision for how things {or a specific thing} can be better, then I’m making this for you!

The magazine is free and I hope it will bring you a monthly dose of useful information and inspiration, including articles, interviews, resources and stories.The kind that help you think bigger and feel supported as you embark {or continue} on your entrepreneurial and creative journey.

I also want the magazine to be a platform to promote women-led initiatives and to share their stories. I believe that community is powerful and together we are stronger.

Becoming an entrepreneur is an act of bravery. It’s a leap of faith. It can be lonely at times, and tough going too. But, it’s also exciting, liberating and an opportunity to make a difference.

As an entrepreneur you’ll be a change-maker and a leader, and you’ll grow in ways you never expected. It’s also your chance to create the life you truly want to live. And I’m all for that!

A bit about me:

Many of you have been following Dream Believe Create for years {for which I am incredibly grateful}, but I know that some of you have found us for the first time, and are perhaps wondering what this project is all about. Now seems a good time to briefly {re}introduce myself.

My name is Kathryn Cullen-Edwards and I’m a feminist startup consultant. I help women entrepreneurs start sustainable, values based businesses and avoid the profit-at-any cost model we’re all so tired of. That’s my mission, and although the ways I help and the services I offer may change from time to time, this is the core goal that underlies everything I do here.

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I love working with women who are ready to follow their passions or convictions, who want to use their working hours to create something meaningful, and who believe they can make the world better in some way, however large or small that may be. We can never know the full impact of our actions and sometimes seemingly small things can have far reaching consequences.

I feel beyond privileged to do this work, and to spend my time engaging with inspirational women doing incredible things.

There’s a few other plans in the pipeline too:

Once the magazine is up and running I’ll be re-opening our membership group and offering both free and paid programs and resources to support your startup.

There will also be opportunities to advertise your business or creative practice in our Directory which is planned to launch later in 2018. Please feel free to email me if you’d like more info about this, and to register for early bird offers.

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I really look forward to getting to know you better, and I thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out the very first issue of Dream Believe Create Online Magazine.

Yours truly,

Kathryn x

November Special Offer

November Special Offer

Kelly Diels - Writer, Feminist, Culture-Maker

Kelly Diels - Writer, Feminist, Culture-Maker