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Interview: Daniele Mantovani

Daniele Mantovani is an interior architect, originally from Brazil, who has learned that in business, it doesn’t matter where you came from. What really matters is your knowledge and who you are as a person – your soul - and that nobody can take that from you!

Interview: Elise Fritsch

When Elise Fritsch left high school to start work she, like many young women, was exposed to a world she wasn’t prepared for. Yes, it offered the freedom and power of making money but it also came with a whole new set of challenges including workplace harassment, the ‘glass ceiling’, conflict and having to deal with a strict hierarchy.

Interview: Julie Renouf

Julie Renouf is a photographer and film-maker who spends her life telling compelling stories in a visual format. Read how Julie embraced change, intuition and a strong work ethic to build a creative business she loves, despite her fears of being visible and the challenges that come from being an introvert.