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Interview: Kerryn Gamble

Interview: Kerryn Gamble

I’m Kerryn Gamble, Author of UNSTOPPABLE and Founder of Woman of Worth.

I run development programs for professional women, helping women in professional services to become more influential.

I work mostly with ambitious professional women who are frustrated at feeling invisible - typically between 35 and 55 years of age. I’ve been in business for 4 years recently and previously for 4 years before selling that business.

I believe the majority of challenges women in business face stem from low self-worth.

My mission is closing the confidence and achievement gap for women. With 25 years’ experience in professional services, I’ve developed a laser-like focus on ‘the differences that make the difference’ in how women communicate their value. This translates to more opportunities, greater influence and increased profitability.

Could you please tell us about your background and the things that stand out for you as bold actions that have led to where you are now?

I cut my teeth in the workforce with part-time roles of waitressing and working in my father’s pharmacy. Following completion of a Science Degree and Master’s Degree, I’ve clocked up extensive experience in the health, fitness, medical and pharmaceutical industries - all highly client facing roles. I believe all my roles have been valuable for learning and growth.

The turning point for me was after I had my second child. I was at home caring for my two young children. I knew I didn't want to go back to what I was doing before, but after two and a half years of mind-numbing boredom interspersed with moments of great joy, I knew it was time for me to do something. This was when I decided I wanted to start my own business.

The actions below were bold ones for me, yet without them, I would not be where I am today.

Bold Action #1 Commencing (and completing) a Diploma in Life & Business Coaching

Bold Action #2 Putting myself forward to be the Chair for a network of consultants

Bold Action #3 Nominating myself to be VP of Professional Speakers Australia (Vic/Tas)

Bold Action #4 Writing my first book

Bold Action #5 Getting professional branding photos done

Bold Action #6 Building Woman of Worth Program

Bold Action #7 Deciding to compete in a body building competition

Bold Action #8 Partnering with a digital marketing group to run a promotional campaign

Each of these actions has taken courage, focus, commitment, a leap of faith and have stretched my personal boundaries. They have also required me to back myself. What’s interesting is, each time I’ve undertaken a challenge (personal or professional) my confidence has grown and what previously seemed like a big deal, doesn't any more. This in turn, has opened up more possibilities.

The biggest part of where I am now is focussed around Woman of Worth. Because of an inability to find a comprehensive program to address the real causes of self-doubt, lack of message clarity and sabotaging physical movement, I founded Woman of Worth - my dream program, integrating the most effective and impactful strategies to help women communicate with conviction and feel more confident in the workplace.

How did you learn how to be successful in business?

My success comes from my commitment to growth and learning, the work I’ve done and continue to do on mindset, a willingness to take action and bucket-loads of scrambling - saying yes and working out how! This in turn, has changed how I see things, how I approach decisions and what I’ve been able to do. More “can do” and less “let me think about it”.

Did you access any coaching or business education of any kind and would you recommend that to other women starting out in business today?

For education, I completed a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching. I highly recommend doing some form of business course to get the big picture and context for the different areas involved in business. Get clear on what your preferred modality is - is it speaking, is it writing, is it creating/making or perhaps something else? This decision can influence the focus of your business model - no point in going all out doing something you don't really enjoy because you think that’s how you “have to” do it. Check out who is successful in your preferred modality and research what they offer.

The other contributing factor is working with a mentor and seeking out groups of people who lift you up, who you feel inspired to be around. Commitment to this, may involve doing a “friend clean out”. Who do you feel good around, who encourages you, who makes you feel you CAN and who has results you would like to have? Invest more time around successful people and less time around people who talk about how hard it is.

What changes or new projects are afoot for you in 2017? 

My business model has shifted from individual client work to more speaking engagements and working with corporate groups. I’m also focussed on building a community and platforms for women to access what they need, in their preferred format – e.g. podcast, videos and interactive web classes.

My personal projects for 2017 are:

  1. Launching and growth of Woman of Worth

  2. Developing an online course

  3. Launching a podcast late 2017


Interview by Gretchen Hillhouse 2017

You can find out more, or connect with Kerryn at www.keryngamble.com

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