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Dream Believe Create Your Business and our online magazine is for women entrepreneurs, creatives, dreamers and changemakers. It’s for women who want to start or grow sustainable, mission-driven businesses or creative practices without sacrificing their principles and avoiding the profit-at-any-cost / business-as-usual model that we’re all so tired of.

Dream.Believe.Create is committed to inspiring, enabling and empowering women to turn their ideas into reality. We want to help you to dream big, believe in your vision and create an amazing business you love!

We uphold feminist values of justice, equality and transparency. We believe that women’s voices, knowledge and our perspectives and experiences are immensely valuable; and that we have the power to create a more fair and equal business world. We know that the benefits of doing this will impact not only our personal lives but our families and our communities too.

You’re embarking on an incredible entrepreneurial journey, and we’re here to support you along the way. We want to celebrate your successes, big and small, as you grow from startup to established and profitable.

We’ll share inspiring stories, tips, tools and resources; and from time to time we’ll invite you to participate in our challenges, workshops and online programs.   

This is the place for you if you want to start or develop a business, creative practice or project. One that is purpose-driven and values-led. You are very welcome here!

About the founder:

My name is Kathryn Cullen-Edwards and I’m a feminist startup consultant. I help women entrepreneurs start sustainable, values based businesses or creative practices and avoid the profit-at-any cost model we’re all so tired of. That’s my mission, and although the ways I help and the services I offer may change from time to time, this is the core purpose that underlies everything I do here.

Before Dream Believe Create, I worked for many years in a corporate environment. I found it soul-destroying. Eventually, I summoned the courage to quit my job and follow my entrepreneurial aspirations. It was a big step, but one that has paid off in innumerable ways. I’ve learned so much, met fascinating people and grown, both on a personal level and as an entrepreneur.

The business I co-founded a little over ten years ago has gone from strength to strength. It is successful, profitable and operates nationally. Whilst I’m still involved at a strategic level, it is no longer my full time commitment. Instead, I am now privileged to be able to focus my time and energy on sharing my knowledge and skills with women who are exactly where I was ten years ago, women starting values-based and purpose-driven businesses and practices.

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I love working with women who are ready to follow their passions or convictions, who want to use their working hours to create something meaningful, and who believe they can make the world better in some way, however large or small that may be. Remember, we can never know the full impact of our actions and sometimes seemingly small things can have far reaching consequences.

I feel beyond privileged to do this work, and to spend my time engaging with inspirational women doing incredible things.

I also acknowledge the Dja Dja Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional owners of the land where I write and work.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to stop by. I appreciate it very much, and would love to hear from you too. Your questions, comments or feedback are most welcome.

Yours truly,

Kathryn  x

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